Welcome to T·A·P GmbH

T∙A∙P GmbH is a consulting company that since 1992 offers planning, implementation and support of BI projects.

As a consulting company, we offer partial and complete solutions around the topic of data and information management. The range of services of T·A·P GmbH includes the provision of process-neutral infrastructures at all levels of value creation, the development, implementation, operation of applications (ASP) and the management of complete processes.

All current projects are realized with instantOLAP, the flexible OLAP system with the innovative virtual data warehouse technology.

In addition to the product instantOLAP we offer you the consulting, the complete implementation, training / workshops as well as hosting.

Our core areas at a glance:

  • Data analysis and -management
  • BI – “out of the box”
  • virtual – Data warehousing
  • data migration
  • Big Data