instantOLAP HowTo’s


  • Release 4.2 ..
    • if the fonts are not found during PDF export
      • in the file iolap.xml, set the entry FontFolder.
        In Windows: c: / windows / fonts

Older posts:

Since version 3.1, you can make model queries directly as a power user. The log can also be displayed directly as a tab. Both can be found under the menu item “Tools”.

The key points from the last training:

  • FILTER (false) displays the current filter without the ‘all’ keys.
  • Time :: YEAR or YEAR () are relative functions, so the keys are dependent on set time filters, so not always all keys of the level
  • LEVEL (time, 1) is absolute and ALWAYS supplies all keys of the first level
  • MATCH in the cubes create complex ToDo lists
  • for the connection of the SQL server without server authentication one needs besides the JDBC driver also the ntlmauth.dll, if one uses the Sourceforge driver, or the sqljdbc_auth.dll. Then the parameter integratedSecurity=true; be set.