BI Modul for CANTOR

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In the standard BI module for CANTOR all required structures and functionalities are already implemented.

Natives CANTOR-Datenmodell in instantOLAP

The BI module contains a completed OLAP model based on the CANTOR data model. You do not need to make any adjustments to your CANTOR system.

The predefined structures include:

  • Dimensions : order, invoice, customer, product, time, production status, production line, quotation status, order type, invoice type, cost centers, client, industry, color …
  • Facts : sales, discounts, net sales, fields, quantity, prices, capacity utilization, labor costs, manufacturing times, supplemented by the calculations : comparisons to previous period and prior year period in%, YTD / MAT.
  • A multitude of ready-made reports and analyzes that you can use immediately. In addition, power users can create their own reports or use existing reports as templates for new reports.
  • The integrated access system allows the visibility of dimension values ​​and data even at the lowest level of the model, for example by means of roles.
  • The model developed in close cooperation with A + W can be easily expanded and adapted to your specific requirements. Integrating any database is an essential feature of instantOLAP. Models with a complete contribution margin calculation, target / actual comparisons and even balanced scorecards are thus easily feasible.

The installation of the complete system takes a maximum of one hour. After that, all functions are immediately available, just BI “out of the box”


Overview of the most important facts
Reports are arranged clearly in a dashboard.

Further sample reports can be found here.