Analysis of existing ERP- / CRM- /..- systems

We analyze your source systems with regard to the data structures required for the analyzes. Upon request, we can carry out quality and consistency checks of the existing structure and master data and make recommendations for the targeted correction of inconsistencies.

Information needs analysis

Together with your management / specialist departments, we systematically examine the information requirements necessary to manage the company. In doing so, we include your organizational structure and company-specific characteristics directly.


Based on the insights gained in the analysis phase, we work with you to develop the roadmap to your destination.

Against this background, they receive a clear statement with regard to the age-old merchant question: “What does it cost and what does it bring?”

We do not believe in designing and implementing systems whose cost-effectiveness can not be proven.


In direct coordination with you, the technical implementation is based on the developed goals.

The specifications developed in the previous phases (analysis and requirement profile, target, utility value analysis and specialist concepts) ensure an extremely short implementation phase. The interfaces to your feeder systems (ERP systems, accounting system, PPS systems etc.) are realized and the connection of the required data is prepared.For our instantOLAP solutions no separate data import (ETL) is necessary because the required cubes and dimensions can be set up directly on the respective feeder systems “on the fly”. Thanks to virtual data warehouse technology, we can merge the data from any heterogeneous source systems.