ETl (with TALEND)

Do you know that?

You get unreliable evaluations in your company. Root cause analysis often finds that incomplete , incorrect, and missing master data are responsible. Such problems can be caused by software errors, but also by user input errors. Unfortunately, this can not be completely avoided.

How can you prevent this?

One way to counteract the master data problem is to regularly check the important master data areas for possible errors.

T · A · P GmbH develops the logic for the data checks together with the customer. For the visual and technical implementation of this logic, we have chosen TALEND Open Studio.

Tools zur Stammdatenvalidierung

With the development environment of the TALEND software, the required test jobs can be easily declared, extended and executed.

die IDE von TALEND
The interface of the TALEND development environment

The application has the following properties:

  • completely JAVA-based
  • IDE is a separate version of the Eclipse development environment
  • direct connection of the most common databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
  • Definition of the test jobs is completely visual
  • Test runs of the jobs can be started directly in the IDE
  • diverse selection of test elements for reading, checking and logging the data and their errors
  • Export function of the tests (eg as a batch file)
    • Reports about faulty master data are sent directly by e-mail to the responsible clerk


Ein erfolgreich ausgeführter Testlauf
A successfully executed test run

The TALEND development environment primarily serves as a tool to generate executable Java programs from the defined jobs. These can then be executed automatically at regular intervals.

Detailliertes Beispiel einer Testjob Definition
Detailed example of a test job definition