Mapping tool

Global players like Unilver have a hard time to put the facts / parameters of the individual countries on a denominator and in a structure. The data comes from several suppliers and different formats, so it is very difficult to get a good global overview.
System Requirements * Conversion of ACNielsen Inf * Act databases
* Windows frontend
* Backend operating systems AIX and TRUE64 Unix
* few interface for different data formats / suppliers
* Consolidated output for further processing in RDBMS
* modular workflow
* Structural changes possible at any time
* Multi-client capability
* Cytrix enabled frontend
In order to map the enormous number of heterogeneous databases (over 1000) to a (constantly changing) entrepreneurial view of the global market (considering local structures), a simple structured frontend has been developed, which gives the professionals the possibility, on the right side selected countries / category link structure of the database with the corporate structure on the left. These links can be static or dynamic and will be validated and corrected for each data delivery.
The backend runs separately on an AIX machine. Oracle Express Server 6.4 is used. The frontend was developed under Oracle Express Objects. Furthermore various ksh / shell scripts are involved.
The Mapping Tool has become a powerful and indispensable tool. The use and operation, however, require not to be underestimated personnel expenses. Due to recurring country-specific changes in the data, “mapping” is an ever-ongoing process