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WERU AG uses instantOLAP as a “group tool”

Weru AG has decided after several test cycles to search for the OLAP reporting tool for instantOLAP and thus against Business Objects (BO). This makes instantOLAP the tool for analyzing the existing data warehouse components (DataMarts). We are replacing the existing Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA), which is still known from the good old “Express” times. Starting next year, instantOLAP will also be the analysis tool for Cantor’s newly introduced ERP system. Many of the reports that were previously only created with Oracle Designer by experienced users can now be created much more conveniently and more effectively.

neuer grafischer Analyzer/Expression Editor in instantOLAP

seit der Version 2.6.1 ist es möglich in Pivottabellen die Iterationen und die Formeln mit dem Analyzer grafisch zu bearbeiten.



Zusätzlich zu der bisherigen Option “Auswählen” wurden die Optionen “Hinzufügen”, “Beibehalten” und “Entfernen” auf jedem Level implementiert.