instantOLAP – Architecure / Requirements



    • three tier architectur (data layer, model level, presentation layer)
    • runs as a web service in every JAVA Application Server environment (comes with Tomcat)
    • any data connections
      • Virtual DWH
    • unlimited number of cubes from any number of data sources
    • Possibility of materializing any parts of the cubes 
    • Workbench as JAVA application, primarily only for the creation of the models (most parts are relocated to the browser since version 4.0)
    • Browser for creating reports, dashboards, and maintaining the repository
    • Mobile BI, responsive design
    • no plugins required

System requirements


  • Java 7 compatible Operating System
  • 4 GB main memory
  • 30 GB free disk space

Client (User)

  • AJAX/JAVA Script enabled Browser
  • 512 MB main memory

Client (Administrator)

  • Java 7 compatible Operating System
  • 1 GB main memory
  • 1 GB free disk space