Telefon Data Service

· Representative
– We prepare samples for you based on the approx. 28 million registered telephone numbers.
– We draw the samples on the basis of statistical data from the last federal elections
– You will receive (if desired) each record only once
· fast
– Nationwide, state-specific samples:
– special samples (professional groups, numbers to address assignment)
– radius search for GEO coordinates
· Enriched
– with additional information such as GKZ, Nielsengebiet .. place size classes …
· Cheap
– from 6ct per record
· Preconfigured
– we separate the “private” from the “business”
· individually
– Based on all the criteria that are “read out” from the telephone book entries

– via our website and your access code
– within a few minutes the data is with you


Adjustment / completion of your data with the current telephone numbers

you deliver the records, we add the current phone numbers. Fully automatic on request