30 years of TAP GmbH

It was on the 1st of July 1992 in beautiful Hamburg, when the T·A·P GmbH saw the light of day.

The partners Thomas Thiel, Rainer Aldag and Thomas Pusch have turned their ideas into reality under the first company name DATIF. As we were already committed to data and information management at that time, this name was obvious. Unfortunately, the company DATEV did not feel very comfortable with our company name, so that their lawyers immediately sent us a reminder. During the founding phase, we decided against a lawsuit and renamed the company to Thiel, Aldag, Push Daten- und Informationsmanagement. After Mr. Aldag left TAP in 2000, the name was finally renamed Thiel-Advanced Programming, Daten- und Informationsmanagement GmbH.

At that time, we started in close cooperation with CCG and MADAKOM with the evaluation of the scanner cash register (raw) data from the trade. Since there were no suitable tools at this time, we developed our software SCAMIS (c) based on the Express OLAP system. Even then, our customers were able to carry out complex, multidimensional ad-hoc analyses based on the latest raw data.

In the following years, TAP has developed further in the area of heterogeneous BIS systems. Our approach has always been to avoid complex ETL transformations and to focus on the selection, development and use of powerful OLAP software.

Thanks to the instantOLAP software developed by Thomas Behrends since the beginning of 2005, we have been able to turn our visions into reality.

We currently have ready-made BI modules based on instantOLAP for leading ERP systems in medium-sized businesses (IFS Applications, CANTOR) in our portfolio. This makes us the only manufacturer of BI systems that offers ready-to-use modules based on generic ERP data.

Within a few hours, the customer can deal directly with the analysis, create his own reports and does not have to endure several weeks to months of evaluation and implementation as usual.

We would like to thank all our customers for their constructive and creative cooperation and for the trust they have placed in us.

Thomas Thiel