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The OLAP system of choice. Many of our projects have been realized with instantOLAP. We are a registered instantOLAP partner and offer you the product, the training/workshops and the complete implementation as well as hosting. Click on the logo to view the online demo

For product details see here.

Ready-made reporting based on instantOLAP:
BI Module for IFS

BI module for CANTOR


Analysis and analysis system for survey data
based on instantOLAP. As an online service developed by us and hosted for GfK.

ORACLE Express OLAP Server
OLAP systems + development tools. With this OLAP product we have grown up “big” and in almost 20 years we have implemented countless projects with it.

Inf*Act Converter for Unix
Generic converter for the well-known ACNielsen Inf*Act/Nitro database format to ASCII files. These routines are written in ANSI-C and can therefore be run on all systems

online sampling service


older products:

Software and service for the pharmaceutical industry
This tool is an adaptation of our OLAP system (formerly ScaMIS) based on Oracle Express, which was especially developed for raw data analysis.

Media database and analysis. Expansion of PHAMIS with additional data sources

Competitor Assessment System
(Competition monitoring, scoring)
on the basis of Personal Express. Developed for Beiersdorf




Development of integrated database and data analysis systems for market research, marketing, trade marketing, sales, finance and controlling

Phone data service

We draw up samples for you on the basis of the approx. 28 million telephone numbers entered.
We use statistical data from the most recent parliamentary elections to draw the samples.
You receive (on request) each data record only once
– fast
– Nationwide, state-specific samples:
– special samples (professional groups, numbers to address assignment)
– Perimeter search for GEO coordinates
– enriched with additional information such as GKZ, Nielsen area… Location size classes…
– favourable
– from 6ct per record
– pre-configured
– We separate the “private” from the “business”
– individual based on all criteria that can be “read out” from the phone book entries

via our website and your access code
within a few minutes the data will be at your site


Comparison/addition of your data with the current telephone numbers

they deliver the records, we play the current phone numbers. On request fully automatic

Linking of ex- and internal data sources

– in the consumer goods industry
– Retail panel
– Household panel
– advertising data
– Scanner (raw) data (your trading partner)
– in other areas


we create your complete category management based on your analysis methods
Processing heterogeneous data formats and structures
Fully automatic data processing and control
Fully automatic report / chart generation
Flexible structures/weights/samples
Online analysis with instantOLAP